Can Your Laptop Do This? – 77 Million Pixel Laptop Setup with FusionDock

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  1. My work laptop that I used to have, a Dell XPS 17 9720 could likely do this as well. It support 4 displays via the 4 thunderbolt USB C ports. It was a $3,800 laptop with a 4K touchscreen100% of sRGB and Adobe 100%, and DCI-P3 99%(ha!Touchscreen, something Apple would likely NEVER do) an i9-12900k processor, RTX 3060 6GB(60W), 32GB of RAM, 1TB NVMe Gen4 x4 SSD, 97Wh battery, and a headphone jack.

    Sadly, they laid me off April 5th and I had to surrender the monster of a laptop to them. The really annoying thing was there were only USB C ports, an SD card slot, and a headphone jack and no other I/O. Even 1 USB A port would have been awesome.

    Due to those downsides, a Dell dock was essential in order to have an Ethernet port, and to support monitors that didn't have USB C ports.

  2. I mean that's cool and all but not sure what profession would need 4 monitors. Social on one, YouTube, on another, video editor on another, file explorer on another. Maybe I could make do.

  3. Ok. We Get It.

    You’re an incredibly lonely Old man who’s trying to fill the Void in his Life with all this Stuff.

    Maybe unbox a Dog next time? Maybe get a Therapist next? You could also hop on Bryan Johnson’s Reverse aging program to get back a few of your years. Wishing you the best, Old Man.

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