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  1. I am a total android user and I hate everything about apple. However, I would willingly BUY AN IPAD just so that I could play this goddamn beautiful game

  2. Okay fine, if the game is not cancelled, then why hasn't it released yet? Research before your comment, and do not curse when it is not necessary, and last, yes this is a late respond.

  3. hm i like the game but is there really only those 3 wards, than the last boss and the bonus boss after you beat all to do? I know theres a ton of items but i'd like more optional bosses

  4. Look up a guide, but it's basically sliding across in the shop from a shield across past the 'worn axe' that you've mastered over to the 1 million blade and clicking sell, it gives you 1 million!

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