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  1. Wrong. Metacritic does more than one platform. You just posted the PS4 side of the reviews. On Xbox, the reviews are sitting at 83 last I check. Maybe wait until most reviews are out on all platforms before doing these. Makes you look like fanboys of a certain leading console. Or, have people think a game is terrible. Just sayin'. ?

  2. The apprentice has not become the master. I'm still going to play this but I really miss old Lara; I grew up on the original games and idolized Lara. The reboot trilogy (Anniversary, Legends, Underworld) was goddam awesome and wholly underappreciated. I like the new games but they are trying to ape Uncharted too much when the older style of game is still vastly superior.

  3. Can't wait for the new Tomb Rider. I've really enjoyed both of the "new" Tomb Rider games, one of the few games i've actaully completely finished.

  4. Definitely getting when it’s out on PS4.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Nathan made an appearance in Tomb Raider and Lara in a Uncharted! I mean, doing what they do, they are bound to run into each other right? Maybe they would hit it off!

  5. PPWW was a good game. The prince's emo, self pitying attitude didn't bother me as a story element. I thought was interesting to see his demeanor change after being hunted relentlessly by an un-killable sand monster. I'll definitely concede that the godsmack and emo chicks in fetish gear read as a little too "sophomore year of high school," but suffering defeat is part of the heroes journey and I think the game told that story well. Two Thrones went full spider-man 3 with the dark prince thing. That game was awful.

  6. To have played it a few times, at two different events, it's a great game. I've now had it for a few days, got it last week, and I truly love it. And BTW, the guy that was in charge of the game at Chrystal Dynamics, Dan Boutin, is now at EIDOS Montreal and was in charge of this game also.

  7. I wrote this on another Shadow of The Tomb Raider video, but Crystal Dynamics should just take three, four years off with Tomb Raider at this point?

    The reboot series is in a good place. So, end on a relative high note and then come back a few years from now with a renewed focus on how to keep Lara and her adventures relevant moving forward. Franchise fatigue is what killed the previous TR series, so Square Enix has a chance to pull an Assassin's Creed a.k.a. time off, which will benefit the series as a whole, IMO.

  8. i've played both the other ones…. and 100%ed both…. and this one looks exactly like those. they were good/decent games, but not even close to being great. it comes down to excessive gunplay and not nearly enough puzzles and tomb-raiding. Lara is not an interesting character. she's a little rich kid turned psycopathuc murderer.

  9. THIS GAME ROCKS!!! … Ive played every single Tomb Raider game and am a true Tomb Raider die-hard fan. Yes, the new series is a bit Uncharted with Lara… but like others have mentioned gameplay mechanics has always been better on Tomb Raider .. though the story and set-piece champs are the Uncharted team. Heres to MORE TOMB RAIDER AND UNCHARTED REBOOT!!!!! My Favorite games of all time. But I must admit im having tons of fun right now with Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn as well (the graphics are awesome )..its about time there was another game with great athletic traversing abilities… its a great time to be a gamer!!!

  10. it is amazing how tomb raider and uncharted get compared considering Lara became an iconic figure in the gaming industry and over 16 video games have been released since 1996 – plus further spin-offs on platforms such as iOS and Android.

    There have been two films starring Angelina Jolie as Lara and a 2018 reboot featuring Alicia Vikander.

    uncharted games
    This will be our fourth Uncharted game," Cogburn told Kotaku. "These games are hard to make. … Uncharted 4 is not only the final game in the series that Naughty Dog plans to develop, but also the last one that will feature series star Nathan Drake in the lead role.

  11. Lara Croft had a great comeback….. but please let it die now… Tomb Raider series is great but please let Lara take a rest give her a conclusion and a resolution, introduce and new protagonist for the series.. please…

  12. I like the native language thing. It's like Tekken. Jin speaks Japanese to Hwoarang, who speaks Korean, and they completely understand each other. Lei and Law speak Cantonese and they're completely understood by Paul, who also understands a bear, who speaks bear.

    And then you've got King.

  13. Look, the game is great, no doubt. But almost everyone who played the original games knows this is not Lara. Eurogamer showed they don't afraid to say the truth at least, respect. Great game, i still like it but definitely lost it's roots though.

  14. I'm just waiting to see if Square Soft will release a "definitive edition" for Shadow like they did with Final Fantasy XV & Hitman & Deus Ex Human Revolution & Sleeping Dogs…

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