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In this video, Mattie talks about the future of crypto and blockchain technology. He also talks about tron and the release of their new wallet. This is a daily segment!
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Top Universities Believe In The Future Of Cryptocurrencies!

Top Universities Believe In The Future Of Cryptocurrencies!

The rise of crypto in higher education



PwC Study Shows: India Could Be One Of World’s Blockchain Leaders By 2023

PwC Study Shows: India Could Be One Of World’s Blockchain Leaders By 2023

Blockchain is here. What’s your next move?

TronWallet is Now Live on Apple Store

TronWallet is Now Live on Apple Store

TronWallet is Now Live on Apple Store

Modern Finance Chain Integrates ShapeShift


Modern Finance Chain | Smart Contract Platform ICO


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  1. Please, if someone has to help me send me only 50 TRON(Trx): TJhT4n8i4rNApBJjaqPj6jEpZW5JWgBJmJ
    Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

  2. hi, can someone help me please? i had to sell all my crypto to pay my grandmother's hospital bills :s i don't want to beg or so but i just want to get back in business before the crypto starts booming again.
    i literally got nothing left.. can someone donate me some ethereum to get me started up again? i thank you already!

  3. Mfchain is one of the most exicting hidden gems there is. Going to spur adoption because it has something to offer that isnt a worthless money grab. Go crypto to fiat. Eff paypal

  4. I wonder what you guys at Altcoin Buzz think which digital asset is at this moment more prone to become huge? I'm not talking about promises or projects, I'm talking about real implementation in the real world.

  5. Tron by far has the most progress in the last 6 months, Mainnet launch, VM launch next week already Dpos and voting with rewards. 18+ dapps will be port on to the VM after next month with over 50+ million users. 2000+TPS.

    416k transaction per day now, ETH has about 500k, so it took Tron less than a month to get as many transaction/day as ETH. also 40,000 new wallets/day created as of today with total 240,000 wallets since the mainnet launch in July.

    As of last week, people can tip other people on Twitter with TRX. and some people started to make real currency transactions by selling goods and services on twitter with TRX.

    10 million TRX tipped on twitter in the first few days.

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