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  1. i can honestly say that the story, despite being short, managed to become my favorite literally seconds after i finished. this is officially my favorite story ever, period.

  2. Terribly overrated game by IGN. Just played through it and the main story is underwhelming. At the very least I expected to find Sam’s dead body upstairs. Without giving away spoilers, the climax is a pathetic disappointment, a build-up to nothing. Thank God it’s a short game.

  3. Finally got around to playing this game thanks to games with gold and I can easily say it is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Should have gotten no more then a 3/10. Me thinks IGN might have taken a back handed here.

  4. You know…I'd think that IGN would have given a game review to…you know…someone who's played a game before…to call this one of the greatest told stories he's ever seen…he needs to get out more.

  5. Nah fam. I just played this game for free and it's not a 9.5 at all. If anything, it missed an opportunity to do something really cool-instead it just descended into contrived teenage melodrama.

  6. Social justice the video game does not deserve praise. I deserves a shot to the head.

    1. Incredibly short story.
    2. Social justice dogma forced in everywhere to the determinant of the story.
    3. Not a game, it's a walking simulator, which would be fine, but refer to points one and two.

  7. If you didnt like the game then chances are your a kid and not a very smart person. This game was targeted at adults who actually were around and a teen in the 1990s. Also….youve never truly been in love. This automatically went into my top 5 games of all time. It has the best story ive ever seen in a game. And the end is so crushing to the heart. I hope this developer continues stuff like this.

  8. This is a whole different type of game.The story is told extremely well and when I finished it it had an impact on me. Of course your going to hate it if you have little patience or don't like the thought of story > gameplay. This game deserves what it gets. Putting it down because there isn't enough cool gameplay aspects or it not being a horror game just shows you have a closed mind. Honestly I feel like I'm the only one who enjoyed it

  9. Damn it why did i read the comments, spoiler alerts!!

    Anyway, after playing fallout 4 and skyrim only for the last 6 months, i did spend 5 hours playing layers of fear (awesome game) this should be a nice change of pace.

    No tense on the edge of your seat jump scares just a cool exploration of the house and finding out the back story.

  10. This game was so bad lol just because something tried to promotes liberal progressive views doesn't automatically make it good. The game was just plain boring, and the writing was subpar. It's funny how game "journalists" have this such high scores, but the vast majority of the public recognized the game for what it was. A below average interactive story experience.

  11. how to make the Gone home better in a few easy steps.
    Step 1. keep everything the way it is.
    Step 2. you keep hearing loud noises coming from the attic.
    Step 3. Once you make it to the attic you find the sister.
    Step 4. depending on how much time you took the sister is ether dead or you save her from killing herself.
    Step 5. if you failed you would ether find her dead body with a note or hear her final words.
    Step 6. if you able to piece the story together and save the sister you get the 'happy ending'.

    There that's how you can make the game better by adding some risk and a rising to keep going.

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