Top 10 Armored Cars and Bulletproof Limos with Custom-Made Luxury Interiors

There is no limit to luxury and comfort of vehicles these days, but some celebrities, politicians and even criminals have one more requirement towards their transportation of choice, and that is extra protection.

This video will feature high safety vehicles that are modified to withstand attacks of violent crowds, can protect the occupants and at the same time have the most luxurious and convenient interiors compared to royal suites.

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Rezvani Tank:

Rezvani Motors is targeting true off-road enthusiasts, who want to venture to the hot spots on our planet and feel protected from attackers.

INKAS Mercedes-Benz G63 Bulletproof Limo:

If one wants to build a spacious limousine powerful enough to carry armor plates, good old Lincoln platform will not suffice. Such a redesign requires the mighty Mercedes G63 SUV and there is no better converter to take on the task than Inkas.

Aurus Senat:

Aurus is a family of executive autos developed by the Russia state-sponsored research institute agency in cooperation with the Russian carmaker Sollers and German Porsche.

Inkas Armored Sprinter Van:

Inkas armored van is discreet on the outside and super luxurious on the inside. Based on the Mercedes Sprinter Van it is roomy and can carry additional armor.

Devel Sixty:

Devel Sixty is currently not protected from assailants, but it carries such a massive engine that installation or armor plates will be unnoticeable on the performance.

Range Rover Sentinel:

Luxury armored car based on Range Rover Autobiography wheelbase and upgraded with steel-plated passenger cell and bullet-proof windows. Features 335hp 3.0-litre V6 supercharged engine linked to specially-calibrated 8-speed automatic, run-flat tires, and back-up battery. Sold at $446,000.

Alpha Titan:

Luxury SUV based on Mercedes Benz G-500 4×42 that offers top-level protection and comfort. Powered by 500+ hp V8 twin-turbo engine and features tree rows of seats to accommodate up to 6 passengers. Costs around $1mil and can be customized to meet additional customer needs.

Karlmann King:

Karlmann King is based on Ford F550 4×4 chassis and it proudly ranks as the most expensive SUV in the world. As more of a show-off car, King’s protective features take a back seat and not much is known about them except the plain fact that it is armored.

Armormax Tesla Model S P100D:

Armormax Tesla Model S P100D is probably the fasted armored vehicle in the world. The bulletproofing taken 650 man hours, costing $72,000 in addition to the original price of the car.

Becker Automotive Design Mercedes Sprinter JetVan:

Becker Automotive Design Mercedes Sprinter JetVan is a luxury, fully customizable mobile office on wheels that has 3 wheel bases, 4 floor plans, and a bulletproofing option.

Becker Automotive Design Cadillac Escalade ESV:

Becker Automotive Design Cadillac Escalade ESV is the smallest SUV tuned by company. It has 360 degree stamped steel armor.


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