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  1. watching this guy as well as others doing the same thing for months and all he does is stay neutral and use the previous bear market chart. why would anyone pay for speculation when you can learn TA for free on youtube or pay for trade signals that actually tell you when and what to buy and sell. crypto has too many money grubbers and they all have been in the space about a year which is crazy but they know everything because they traded stocks. we all know its a bear market we all know market will prob crash further after etf rejection and prob wont recover until 2019. how to make money is on those rallys and drops which is info you never talk about. i guess that would be financial advise lol smh…

  2. I'll become your student by the end of this month, just so I NO longer will have to be listening to your youtube videos! Hopefully you don't PROMOTE SALES during your classes of more classes. you are one of my favorite youtubers, but is annoying to have to listen to your long classes sale commercial every time in every single video.

  3. I'm having a hard time believing that Steve's classes are that great, I'm extremely skeptical, but I'm on the very edge of pulling the trigger for the Intermediate/Advanced/Pro bundle, Iv been burned badly by other so called classes by a guy by the name of Trader J on Jsnip4 channel, got caught up in the hype when things were going extremely good with Cryptos end of 2017, in a way I'm glad the market went Bearish as it help expose all the BS people out here on YouTube and Crypto Projects, I watch a lot of crypto stuff on YouTube, 95% of it is varying degrees of pure garbage, but Steve has been extremely level headed, has a high degree of accuracy, I F'n love the fact that he gives his take on both Bearish/Bullish probability which IMO sets him apart from all the rest.

    For those of you that have taken the classes, are the classes really that good? "sigh" I have been watching this channel for a while and Steve makes this seem easy to understand wonder if the classes are better than what he puts on YouTube, as with that other guy I bought training from did the same thing, made it seem easy like we were going to make good money and learn how to trade, after the market didn't recover like every one was predicting he jump ship turned out to be nothing but a shame riding the hype train that I got caught in.

    Not even sure what I'm looking for in anybody's response that would help make me decide to try the classes. 🙁

    Thank's in Advance…

  4. Ugly in the short term absolutely, but necessary we break 6K but not by as much as you think, and the sooner it happens the sooner we start the bull run, but it will be timed by mackro factors and contrived to coincide with wider events that will be meant to distract us and inject massive FUD to keep us out when the big institutions come in (you’ll be left in doubt when this happens and investing at that stage will be a leap of faith). Excellent work Steve.

  5. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  6. Hit my stops after last move down. Waiting in USDT for better clarity on next move. My thoughts are a bounce off around 6k, so will likely buy back in there with tight stop limits below 6k in case of a drastic dump. Watching the 6.5k in case we get an upswing but feels unlikely at this point.

  7. Always remember, when alcoins are poping like popcorn then there will be a bull market incoming. Mark my words 🙂
    Whe have seen this with LISK//Vibe/// Doge/ and today Steemit..

  8. Great vid, thank you. You are the first person to point out the comparison with 2014 & in the last month or so I’ve seen it appear on Twitter a lot more!! Hopefully playing out a bit quicker and we head back up soon, we’ll be ready!

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