Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator Hands On

I recently travelled to London to get hands on with the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator. Mark Towner, the developer of the Feel Three Simulator gave …


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  1. Can't help but think of Wade examining Sorrento's rig – "It looks like a giant hamster ball"..

    Seriously though, I hope they actually managed to produce these things. The problem though (price aside, even though it seems good for what it is), would you seriously throw 2 grand at a Kickstarter project, given the history of failed VR Kickstarter peripherals? It's at the point now where I see a VR hardware related KS project and just assume that it won't deliver.

  2. i would give my left nut to try that dont know how it would fare in my room i imagine the vibration and general running sounds through the floor would cause issues

  3. does it actually help with motion sickness? one would think it would be who knows how it feels to have every G-force you feel be induced by rotation… i'm very curious about this as it could help solve one of the most difficult challenges VR has to overcome.

  4. That is surprisingly not as expensive as would have thought. In the beginning of the video I told myself if it was under 2k id probably buy it. Sooo close lmao

  5. I backed this project the first 5 mins it went on kicksterter. I spend alot of time on iracing and flying on Digital Combat Simulator. I have flown many other simulators, but could never afford one until now. Cant wait to get mine..

  6. Mark Towner…I used to work with the guy…then about ten years ago he went AWOL travelling around the world – then comes back to earth to make an awesome motion simulator??…well done youngun'

  7. My only worry is that the cables from the headset might become disconnected because of the fairly violent movement of the playseat. My advice is that this tech would be best (and safely) played using the wireless add-on (TP Cast) for the Vive and Rift! 🙂

  8. I only use VR for DCS but I would love to get this but looks like room would be the down fall price is definitely right. I could just imagine the feeling you would get using this on a cat launch or hitting afterburner

  9. That is actually very affordable for $2600 compared to any other motion sim. Still out of my price range now but when I was working I could have bought one easy.

  10. So what was the experience like? Was the movement 1 to 1 or did you experience any motion sickness? I already have a 2DOF motion sim for racing but would love this for flight sims if it actually works as intended?

  11. dope rig….not for me as the driving sim's is not my cup of tea. That said, awesome creation to bring it closer to the rest of us. Good on you and Mark for showing us this. Look forward to seeing what Oculus Connect 5 has. Hopefully will be out there next year. Look forward to your coverage of the event.

  12. That's very cool but way out of my budget and I don't have the space but that thing is just awesome… I definitely want one. Thaz being said it is a fair price.

  13. If I ever end up getting a house, this will definitely find a place there, if powers allow. The effect of a motion platform is just crazy, I've only used the most basic variants of it, but that alone was super compelling. It's hard even imagining what this kind of actuation would actually feel like other than the real thing ??

  14. Thank you ! Great preview of this wonderful sim ! (i am one the very early backer and i can't wait to receive it … mainly for elite dangerous)

  15. after I got rid of my vive and rift I purchased a new rift mostly for racing sims. imo nothing beats racing in VR. probably until i can get proper integrated wireless VR on next gen VR.
    not sure this is the type of motion sim I would personally go for, it takes up a huge amount of space and I can imagine the cable management to be a complete nightmare on this thing when you take into account all the extra devices you'll need to mount up yourself. especially with like a direct drive wheel. nonetheless, nice gadget, thanks for posting.

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