iPhone X Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on comparison

In this video we compare the brand new iPhone X with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Apple’s keynote recently took place and they shared all the details about their …


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  1. Note 8(actually it's just an s8 with a bigger but also less manageable display+2 extra gigs of ram+useless pen, which is also called 3s pen) will be beaten by iPhone X easily under fair computation so they figured that they should use s8: a phone that at least is almost twice as cheap as iPhone X. 

    Note 8 has a even much worse finger print scanner position+ the same garbage face unlock nd garbage iris scanner. Still years behind Face ID.

    Still poor app optimization: It takes fucking 5 minutes to use my note 8 to call a uber when the internet is not good, yet it takes just 5 seconds on my iPhone X. I tried many times using the same 2g date and the result remained the same.. Some of the apps run perfectly on iPhone X are just crap, and some even crashes a lot, on my note 8.

    Still much less powerful: When it comes to simple tasks or opening apps they are quite similar, but once it comes to demanding games or any demanding tasks: note 8 vs iPhone is like a $500 laptop vs a $1000 gaming laptop! All those crap reviews saying that "they are similar in day to day use." is like saying: a $600 laptop is similar with a $1000 in opening browsers and word documents and loading small games… indeed..How about performing heavy tasks and playing graphic demanding games under full settings?

    Note 8 is a very very beautiful phone and if you use your phone watching youtube all day, just go for note 8. It's the best you can get right now, but if you are a power user who want the best power, stability, and optimization, just skip Samsung and get an iphone.

  2. 1. don't compare something if you don't even have one of the devices and are just spouting hear say specs. and 2. is this a smartphone comparison or a camera comparison ? Sorry not gonna subscribe for more of this bullshit,.

  3. In India S8 costs us $830 whereas Iphone X up to $1380 for 64GB and $1620 for 256 gb version. S8 is surely a wise, justified and better choice

  4. All the reviewers are applefags coz apple copy strike the reviewers who speak out about their out of date piece of Chinese junk. See all your apple money it doesn't go to into new tech, it goes into their PR and marketing where they excel in silencing anyone who speaks the truth about them and excel further by sending all the shill reviewers free iphones. S7edge is factually higher spec than iphoneX end of story. Also the s8 records at 4k 30fps you pellet. The iphone is 4k 24fps true so learn what you are talking about.

  5. Wow, never thought I would see so many negative comments bounced back and forth. Truth be, one likes Apple one likes Samsung. Are both perfect no, are both better then the other, that's a question of personal preference. Some Apple users will switch to Android and some Android users will switch to Apple as some just want to try something new for a change.

  6. Attentions! I am talking to all of you. I looked at lots of demos of iPhone X on YouTube and they don’t seem stunning in videos. I thought that s8+ and note 8 are better values(and even just better phones) compare to iPhone x until I got my hands on it today at at&t store! After Having tried all three in real life(even s8+ as daily driver for a few weeks) To me, the experience on IPhone X blows note 8 away almost too easily. There has been nothing so intuitive and enjoyable and stunning to use, nothing even close. I cried on the way back to dorm and you guys should definitely try the X in real life it is likely to completely changed your opinions if you did not like it. The AT&T guy told me that he felt exactly the same. He also used to think it’s not that good until he tried it in real life. I even used to think about just return it right after I receive it, but now I am sooooo excited to get it tomorrow: its new user interface is like the biggest leap forward in smart phone history since the first iPhone!

  7. Its not about how good the phone is, its about how good the company markets the phone, thats what people tend to fall for. And thats also the reason why people buy iphone's rather than Samsung phones

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