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  1. Whenever he talks about the inconsistency of health and damage at sometime around 2 minutes I was just thinking,” does he not know that the damage is momentum based?”

  2. Having the word undercooked attached to this review is hard to hear. I remember seeing footage of this game somewhere around 2011. I loved the passion from the devs and the look of the fighting.

  3. IGN 5.7 because we don't even bother learning the combat system. xD FYI Leg Kick's only required for Wolf's, everything else is doable (sweep the legs,choke,steal). When your playing it right your leg kick is an extension of your moveset and not just your main move so you don't feel bad for using it. 4v1 i might pull em out a bit for crowd control/escape but honestly the combat system works really well with it's semi locked style you can quick step attacks and return a blow pretty easily if throws arent your thing. Don't get me wrong, winning a 4v1 is difficult on it's own, but why shouldn't it be?

  4. Ahh, typical IGN. Keeping the big boys with their shitty AAA games happy and indie developers with promising games sad. Money is everything apparently.

  5. Bro you forgot so many things such as the blood effects in Overgrowth that games don't have, or the mods and the wide selection of community made maps and even the fact you actually bleed out the place you got stabbed is pretty rare in games, but honestly the end I kinda agree with you.

  6. the damage system might be more consistent if there was a way to push attacks and defenses to certain parts of the body, like a soft aim assist. a right punch while turning to look left and up slightly might target the enemys shoulder as opposed to simply punching where you are aiming.

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