USB Type-C: Explained!

USB-C: The new industry standard for the next generation of devices. The new Macbook with USB-C: The new Chromebook Pixel …


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  1. Yet it doesn't justify the fact that i must spend 1500$ for an overpriced, underpowered laptop with only USB-C ports and NO REPLACEABLE USER COMPONENTS! Even my midrange laptop from 2010 it has more ports, and is more future-proofed. Recently, two of three USB ports died (it was a cable that melted), so i opened the computer and fixed it. With a new computer, i can't do that. Yeah, now i can send it to recovery, but almost 10 years later the assistance will no longer exist. I mean, my 2010 PC is better than 2018 PCs.

  2. I just bought a super think Huawei, and it has two USB-C on the left, and a regular USB on the right. The nice thing is, I can plug my monitor with a converter in either of the usb-C or i can plug the charger into either port. They only added the regular USB on the right for compatibility for people that have these. I love that the plug is reversible, and that it simply does not matter where you plug in your charger, mouse, monitor or other. Since my phone also uses usb-C, i can actually charge my laptop with my phone charger, even in the car.

  3. When you said, “you can run a 4K monitor from usb-c” what exactly do you mean? My monitor has usbc but my computer doesn’t….am I supposed to get a video card with usbC output? Confused

  4. I recently got the new Moto G6 Forge and when I watched reviews, people complained about it still using the micro USB and I kept getting annoyed by their complaints. I didn't even know what USB Type C was until now! Thank you! (Now I'm disappointed because I like to have a phone that's totally up to date)

  5. What do you do it your laptop has only ONE usb c port but you have multiple devices that connect via usb c? They do not make adapters that will turn, say, ONE usb c port into FOUR usb c ports like they do for standard usb. (They DO make adapters that will turn a single usb c port into multiple standard usb ports.)

  6. Dear Brownlee, I came from future and yes more and more laptop are going to adopt this even my xperia xz1 has it though its hard find charger cuz most of my friends are old usb user.

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