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Today we have seen the price of XRP surge over 20% in gains! Ripple XRP CryptoCurrency is on the move after bullish news.
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  2. XRP holding at .32 – .35 for 2 weeks… falls to .26, comes back to .32 only to get hyped up "OMG BULL RUN DONT MISS OUT"

  3. You know what makes me smh is they say ripple went up 17% as if that's just incredible but do you remember its high some people bought at the high so .32 is nothing I guess someone like you who trades sees it different but I would enjoy seeing what you pay in taxes because unless your working the system from what I have heard you have to pay taxes on every trade you make and I'm assuming if you trade before you hold for a year the taxes are much higher so it seems to me I'm either confused or I need to learn how to make things work in a way they are not set up to work, I don't know it just seems like I'm missing something unless you just have so much money that it doesn't really matter how much a coin drops are how big the % taxes are.

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  5. 1000% correct 20 % is huge considering the market cap is low also so that is more like a 25 to 30 % gain if the market cap went up by 100,000,000,000 then it ant so big but any 10% gain in a bad market is good i would take 5% gain on my money every week if your able to do that your a Star

  6. Zach, I really love your videos and everything but please stop saying "market is green, bullrun etc…" cause everytime you say that the opposite happens right aftee after ahahah. Peace

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