The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 2 Review

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 2 reviewed by Cassidee Moser on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Editor’s Note: This review …


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  1. While I understand this review falls under an episodic release. Why is their no mention of the studio closure in the review?

    Very lazy in my opinion. Would take a few moments to alert those that bought a season pass.

    (I didn't) but I still think this is very improper.

  2. When was this video recorded? Didn't even bother to mention that the game has been CANCELED FFS! People might not know this and still purchase the season pass… What a joke of a gaming news site!!!

  3. The fact that this person is saying how poorly made was the episode just gives you a clue of the problems they had inside Telltale

    The Walking Dead and Tales From The Borderlands will always be in my heart… Thanks Telltale

  4. The Telltale devs were talented, no doubt, but IMO they just spread themselves too thin. It seems like they agreed to make games for EVERYONE. If they'd just focused on one or two IPs, getting their episodes out quickly, and refining and improving their gameplay and graphics, they'd probably be better off now.

  5. The reason why ign gave this a bad rating because it was too rushed. As you may have known that telltale and everything else with it is sadly no more. The reduction and working conditions is the real why this episode flopped.

  6. A game that's supposed to be about player choices… but then one day you realize that your choices doesn't matter at all. No surprise to see Telltale shutting down.

  7. Don't listen to IGN. Only judge it by playing/watching the game for yourself. Plus what the hell was with her 6/10 rating for episode 1? I and most people loved it!!! See you can't just judge a game from a rushed review like this…

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