Altcoins I’m Buying in Quarter 4 // CryptoCurrency Q4 // Crypto Market Top Buys

What Altcoins will I be buying for Quarter 4 of 2018? Which CryptoCurrency do I see being the most promising this year?!
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  1. Just out of the top 20 is OX, ONTOLOGY & OMG. You won’t go wrong with those coins. Just because it’s in the top 20 don’t mean they are good for future high returns, gave you my top 15 but you deleted them so if you want them again, let me know, love your show.

  2. You compared to all the coins ATH's back in January except Vechain lol. Just because they changed to VET and coinmarketcap for some reason doesn't have the history converted over from VEN means you write them off? The fact that you don't know that VET used to be VEN, and you had to click their website to see what Vechain even was means you should not be giving advice in this space.

  3. You should really take a look at ETN, is not on Binance but thay have big big things coming and I think you will make some money with it. Super video and hope all will work out well for you.

  4. Very down to earth _ I think you see doubling your portfolio – maybe more! altough a bit risky as well 🙂 also take monero and elastos !!!

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