Huawei Mate 20 Pro Impressions: Underrated?

4 cameras. 3 colors. 2 materials. 1 notch. Yes, the title is a pun. Optical flow shirt: Video Gear I use: …


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  1. That wireless reverse charging idea came to my mind once but I thought it's not possible. Know I just feel like I invented that Huawei should give me something XD.

  2. Man, Huawei has been making such incredible looking phones! I love what they're doing with the backs of the phones and this one with the 4 cameras is just beautiful! I'm surprised at how they make even the cheaper Honor phones look so good compared to the competition. Google should REALLY take a page out of Huawei's design book.

  3. They should give an option to enable two step security that requires both face and fingerprint to unlock.that would be better

  4. Okay just imagine having this phone, downloading the GOOGLE CAMERA APK and you basically have the best Camera of the year.

  5. The non-pro is the more compelling phone for me, as long as it has a top-quality LCD screen. I'd happily give up face unlock, reverse WL charging and 200mAh battery capacity for a cheaper price and a 3.5mm jack. And I agree it looks better too, with a minimal notch.

  6. Its just another asia deal being underrated lol…..not being underestimated though.. But being the best yet 2018? And being 2018 6T.. as being the coolest flagships 2018?… 2 phone against x max

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