10 New Electric Bicycles that Use Latest Smart Inventions of the Industry

The very first ebike was engineered more than a hundred years ago, and there is no surprise, since the idea of combining a bicycle with an electric motor seems rather obvious, isn’t it? However, the true rise of these vehicles is happening just now, due to the availability of compact and affordable batteries. In fact, the boom of electrified two-wheelers is so massive that we are seeing hundreds of new models arriving to the market each year.

Some come from reputable companies, while others are nothing but cash grab startups that never go into production, some could be called affordable, while others are more expensive than cars. In this episode we will be exploring the most exciting smart new models that are arriving to the market shortly to up the game even higher.

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A review of all bicycles featured in this episode on the #ATelectricbikes series:

Lamborghini: media.lamborghini.com/english/latest-news/all/automobili-lamborghini-with-italtechnology/s/b4191b06-cfa4-456e-9681-fd3970be9cb9

After the release of the tradition defying super crossover Urus, Lamborghini decided to let all heck loose and presented an electric bicycle at its factory museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Intense Tazer eMTB: uk.intensecycles.com/products/intense-tazer-emtb

Intense Cycles is the US brand, that is most known for the creation of the revolutionary M1 downhill frame and the legendary Tracer trail bike. Their latest creation is the groundbreaking Intense Tazer eMTB, that should combine almost 30 years of experience in the field with the latest electric pedal assist drivetrain technology.

Stromer ST-5 and ST-3: stromerbike.com/en_US/e-bikes

Stromer is the Swiss company founded in 2009 that specializes in development of electric and mechanical components, as well as software for the ebikes, which are sold under the same named brand. In 2019 they are bringing to the market a couple of two-wheelers that can easily compete for the title of the most expensive production models of electrified bicycles of today.

VanMoof Electrified S2 and X2: vanmoof.com/en_us/electrified-s2-x2

The Amsterdam-based company Vanmoof has already made a name for itself by bringing to the market ebike that look almost identical to any other non-electrified classic model. Next year they will be releasing the new generation of their bikes S2 and X2 that build up on the success of original S and X.

Tern GSD: ternbicycles.com/fi/bikes/gsd

Tern GSD is a fun family bike that can haul up to 400-lbs of cargo, including the rider. Powered by a 400Wh Bosch battery, it has a starting price of $3,999, which grows to $4,799 if you add a second 500Wh battery.

Nireeka: nireeka.com/

Nireeka is an extremely lightweight smart e-bike that features Android and iOS compatibility, GPS tracking, and 6 pedal assist modes. The bike is now sold in three modifications, Street, Street+, and Homie.

Bultaco Albero 4.5: bultaco.com/en/motorcycles/albero-4-5/

Bultaco Albero is an urban e-bike that has café racer styling, 24-inch wheels wrapped in Schwalbe Crazy Bob tires, and a 2kW electric motor.

Riese & Müller: www.r-m.de/en-us/

Riese & Müller range offers 22 e-bikes that are available in multiple trims and variations, including all new Load 75 and Multicharger, plus significantly updated Culture, Homage, and Nevo GT/GH/GX.

AM1: analogmotion.co.uk

AM1 – affordable ebike for the price of a regular city bike ($799). It combines the light weight (30lbs) and decent range (20mi) with a possibility of extending it significantly with removable batteries.

Vintage Cafe: www.vintageelectricbikes.com/products/cafe

Vintage looking bike that hides a powerful 750W hub motor under its modest design. Has the range of 20 to 60 mi and can top the speed of 28mph. A 10-speed derailleur and electric motor combination allow for outstanding driving flexibility for both fast and slow-paced riding.

Mate X: mate.bike

The second generation of MATE BIKES’ foldable ebike that combines cool looks, practicability and performance. Reaches 20 mph top speed and has a range of 55 miles. Can be folded for easy transportation on a bus or a subway.


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