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  1. Well things to keep in mind.
    1: the game is more a calm, and nice game to enjoy and when you play, over fps
    2: the team is reallllyyyyy small that made this game, so there is limits to what they could do.
    3: the developers do not have a lot of money to spend on the game, witch can hurt the amount of battles you will see.

  2. I liked and enjoyed a lot of the mechanics, aside from the combat being stale. The world was quite interesting actually, but if felt empty for sure. The game is just too damn easy and I passed it in 2.5h. I didn't read many of the pages scattered around though, so I might replay it some day in the future and read them. I wasn't that interested in the story to begin with and most of the story was probably written on the scattered pages. 6/10 for me.

  3. This review is on Xbox and PS4. If you have a pc, this will make the game much easier to play, at least movement wise. They said in the fast paced moments when you hit a corner you will slow down a lot, if you have a mouse you can adjust the sensitivity of, firstly the mouse, and secondly the in game mouse sensitivity. In my opinion, I'd give it a solid 8 out of 10 but only on pc because you have so much more settings wise to do. I would recommend investing in a beginners gaming laptop or desktop to get this game.

  4. I just played this. This review entirely misses the point of the game. It's not meant to be an action shooter and the story, if not overly original, does it's job to keep you engaged. The only flaw I found is that if you quit the game you'll have to restart from the beginning of each stage.

  5. Alanah?! It's weird to say but i'm so happy for you reviewing games on IGN! I've been a fan of your youtube page for years and knew you've been working for ign but had no idea you were doing reviews for them too! That is so awesome! Keep up the good work!

  6. I don't think this author has ever done a PC game review before. She's the Toys Editor at IGN. Like Mattel Toys for kiddies?? Kinda seemed strange when so many others are giving this 7-10 scores. This seems to explain the wide variance.

  7. Man, a 5 out of 10, REALLY ??? Where the hell does IGN get these people? I bought this game when it popped up on my Xbox One and have really loved it. Watch the review from ACG to see a REAL review.. I swear I just don't know why IGN hires people that don't know how to report on games properly and without bias..

  8. Alanah “Charalanahzard” Pearce… Nice Review ^^ To bad you CRUSHED my hopes for this game… The Awesome looking Trailer gave me… Ha ha ha ha 😛

  9. Sterlings finds this game "mesmerizing…" And the Steam reviews are all amazing. Just played it and I have to agree with them. For an indie outfit, they created an amazing landscape with one of the best music tracks I have ever heard. Hey, its what you like not what a reviewer tells you to like.

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