Bitfinex’ed: $BTC to $15?!? First Off-the-Grid Bitcoin Transaction! Omni & NEXO Integrate XRP

Bitfinex’ed calling a $15 BTC?!? First ever “off-the-grid” BTC transaction, NEXO and Omni integrate XRP, eToro HODL commercial, Galaxy Digital is Fidelity’s first custodial client, crypto news, and more!
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0:47 Markets
3:52 Bitfinex’ed calls a $15 BTC?!?!
3:37 Nick Tomaino bullish on crypto:
4:57 Galaxy Digital x Fidelity:
5:54 eToro HODL:
6:28 Binance (BNB) x Chainalysis:
8:02 XRP x NEXO x Omni x Gate Foundation:
9:10 Tron (TRX) x Baidu Browser:
10:31 Charles Hoskinson | Cardano (ADA):
10:46 PIVX x Bithumb:
11:03 CyberMiles (CMT) Mainnet:
11:30 QTUM x AWS China:
12:18 YouTuber PAID to FUD crypto:
12:31 Original Video:
13:12 BTC sent off grid:
14:22 US Marshals BTC Auction:
15:02 Cryptopia Kickstarter:
15:42 Crypto Halloween:

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Will Fidelity Trigger The Bull Market? $EOS In Space?!? Stablecoin Madness!!!

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  1. That's just it. I personally don't want an opinion on whether tether is real or not. I'd like to know for sure. Either it is or it isn't. No opinions about it. Why doesn't anyone know for sure??

  2. Food for thought… buy ONE BTC at $6400 and watch it MAYBE hit $100K, or by several thousand in other well known coins set to sky rocket and possibly make millions… Weigh the pros/cons, the news, and math to make your own conclusion. You don't have to make a decision this second, write everything out in a plan and FOLLOW it. Leave your emotions out of it! Just my opinion and thoughts, I'm just starting out and learning about Crypto. I had a chance of buying Bitcoin back at +/- $200, but had other priorities (selfish ones that kept me from making the jump. I thought it was too early.)
    There is a MASSIVE shift in global society/economics, banks won't fall, but the fiat currency will. Banks will just move into Crypto and control everything like they already do. They invest all their funds into it and scare everyone else away. That way when the global economy tanks during the transition between institutions, they will stay rich and keep everyone under their thumbs. Outliers are ALWAYS going to be there, so either be an outlier or be left behind with everyone else as slaves.

  3. Hey K-Dub, please look into JSEcoin, already trading at LATOKEN and IDEX, this is for publishers and webmasters. Even the little guys get the share thru web mining. This will be big in the coming months. More power to your channel.

  4. Serious question: isn't it part of the fun with all this fake news in crypto?? honestly – at least we admit and find out together it was fake, where in the world OUTSIDE crypto, it's as much fake (or even more) and nobody really says its fake. Love the cryptospace where we at least find out it's fake.

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