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  1. Hi I'm Ron, this is a message to all gamers
    If you are getting Fallout 76 or are consider joining a faction.
    We are the Federation of Reclamation, A 860 man faction growing by the day, active around the clock with so many different types of people you'd fit in with no matter what! From your Roleplayers to your Elites.. there is no better place to come in, have a chat, and game. Every Fallout Faction has a theme. From Romans, to Old 18th Century Militias. We took on the theme of the old mid 19th century America and mid 20th Century America to life with this Faction.

    After our President Co Ran a very successful 700 man Empire on ESO he thought it to be best to bring the strong great community that is the Empire to life in the shape of this faction in Fallout 76. There is no better Faction to join with our experienced leaders that don't get power hungry from games unlike a majority of guild leaders, amazing members, and our leadership's sole priority is to create the best experience for you and your friends!

    Why not give it a try? If you feel like it isn't for you, then you can leave at anytime. No hard feelings, but then again I'm sure you'd love it here!
    Might as well try, could be what takes your 76 experience to the fullest!

    Here is a link to our Discord Server!

  2. Plots of Fallout Games so far:
    Fallout 1: Find the waterchip
    Fallout 2: Find G.E.C.K
    Fallout 3: Find Your Dad
    Fallout New Vegas: Find the man that shot you in the face
    Fallout 4: Find your son
    Fallout 76: Find the overseer

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