Ripple XRP Gearing Up To Become The First World Currency. Youtube Partners With Ripple XRP.

Ripple Xrp in talks with the White House. Also YouTube is set to use Xrp for content creators tips.

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  1. Yes exactly. XRP maybe have the child abuser Clinton, the president of the rich "Trump", the elites and even the fuckin banks on its side. Everything crypto was invented to destroy, everything crypto wants to fight against – and you fuckin XRP fan boys are even supporting such shit. Rest in hell.

  2. Watch "XRP Coin Crypto News" end up being a SHILL all this time. Yeah, google that word. Mike Tyson's cousin purchased a ton of XRP and is hoping to SHILL his way into great profits. I don't know you, just playing devil's advocate. I hope you're doing extensive article research before sharing any personal conclusions publically, for everyone's sake including yours.

  3. Ask yourselves would a BANK ever trust the volatile nature of XRP and crypto currency ENOUGH to turn millions of dollars or euros into XRP…. TRUST is a HUGE factor. XRP and Ripple are 2 VERY different things. Please do your own reasearch. Here's a great article for starters: – I don't see XRP rising above $10 anytime in the next 5 years. REMEMBER THOSE WORDS. Not a bad return given its price now. But if Ripple the company goes down, so does XRP. It is a CENTRALIZED crypto currency, it is NOT like bitcoin in that way.

  4. I hold XRP, but….they are working with the Gates Foundation, Bill Clinton, YouTube, Google…. all entities that are ANTI-citizen. Concerning.

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