Marshawn Lynch Launches Initiative To Provide The Homeless With Smartphones

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  1. Obama was in office 8 years and black people were worse off after he left office then they were before he was President. Trump has been in office only two years with a Republican Senate/Congress as well as a Conservative majority Suprene Court and black unemployment is now lower than it has ever been in history! What more does it take for black people to boycott the demorat party and get off the Demoncrat plantation?! #MAGA #Trump2020 #getthestrap

  2. 3 months? 3000 people? Americans are idiots! There’s enough resources for everyone to live decent, but you can’t exploit any use people who aren’t in a desperate or needy situation. Poverty, inequality, and lack of education is the only way capitalism thrives. How else would someone sell you their time when they could use it to further themselves? Y’all trapped in the Caucasian’s imagination and y’all enjoying every worthless experience! Trifling!

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