Crypto Bull Run: The institutional herd is here.

Big Show Today! Breaking Stories…

– Fidelity All in on Crypto – Who is next?
– Did Nouriel do any damage?
– Tether Exclusive
– 0x on Coinbase – whats next?


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  1. I think the majority of trades are occurring in the OTC markets, the supplies of which are diminishing. During the accumulation phase the media and early insto adopters keep depressing prices with bull traps. Utility volume will raise the floor over a long period of time so that subsequent bull runs won't be corrected by 90%. The future looks bright, buy projects you understand and that have a strong use case and then HODL. Crypto custody is the one advantage that retail investors have over insto's, use it!

  2. can someone shoot that lying man Mr doom completely lying through his teeth if he's giving testimonies forgiving facts you just making up random numbers someone killed the bastard

  3. Good interviews, I like the rationality of the more sophisticated crypto advocates. Sure there is a lot of amateur behaviour in crypto, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that this technology is as important and disruptive as the first smart phone (if not more so). To think this isn't a big deal is ignorance at best, and downright lying at worst! These dinosaurs informing congress are definitely wasting everyone's time.

  4. Roubini is beyond Negative and it shows how he talks, Economist? huh, It shows how Italy's Economy doing. he needs sex, poor guy. 2007, my Gardner told me Economy is going down, wasn't a secret.

  5. As long as the crypto community is so tribal Roubini will have issues to laugh about like comparing the scalability of BTC for sending large groups of transactions compared to Visa. XRP, Stellar, Nano, DGB are all much, much faster than BTC. They clear in seconds. Even BCH and LTC are faster, and BCH does not need confirmation. XRP can scale beyond Visa now. But half of the community hates this coin and berates those who do not support that coin. It really is US against THEM and divided we fall. As a community we should have demanded fiat pairs for alts a long time ago and stopped using BTC for sending payments in favor of much more advanced tech. I am aware of the Lightning Network, but until it is 100 percent functioning it is not the answer. BTC is the first mover, the industry leader, but it is not a payment coin or a settlement coin and the community and exchanges have insisted on using it as such (its transactions are also easily traceable, so there is no privacy advantage to using it either).

    My point is, things could be set up more efficiently in this space and they are not. People seemed more concerned about FUDDING certain advanced tech in this space or making sure their coin goes to XXX amount by year's end, and the rest of this space be damned.

  6. Keep accumulating… stock up those bags of yours … this is huge and if you reading this… you are part of the biggest wealth transfer in our lifetime… all you need to do is stock up your diversified portfolio while we are still down… Do not wait for it to take off … you will not be able to rewind the clock…

  7. Many investors, fund managers and retail traders r still waiting for either a global stock market correction to take its course and policy makers to rescue the US economy or large financial institutions to confirm they r actually in the market and start to pump the price of btc before everyone will start to flood back into this market.

  8. Maybe this will let Fidelity remove the lockdown on CXBTF – Bitcoin Tracker One ETF that they announced early September. It was open for a month or two and then it got frozen.

  9. When it comes to stable coins these palukas don't know their asses from the mouths. These stables coins are to manipulate markets and for the exchanges to rob you of your money. The only trading pairs is with tether and then from tether you have to exchange to the alternative stable coins. The rates are inflated according to the dollar and by the time you have exchanged from the digital asset to tether and then to the alternative stable coin you have already lost 5 -9% of your money and then you will lose the same amount when buying back into the digital asset. What a bulshit scam. Be Careful everyone.

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