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  1. I'm sure glad I didn't buy this. I saw it real cheap at a dollar store, but I passed. I didn't know it was a first person shooter. And I HATE FPS games.

  2. I haven't played much yet but this game feels boring, there's just not much to it. Though I've already played more than 2 hours so I can't get a refund 🙁 But will I miss anything if I skip to the second game?

  3. I use to play this game when I was 5 now am 11 and I love this game still good memorise but I play destiny still borderlands is my game of my childhood that's how I grow up by games

  4. Having played Borderlands 2 before this game, I fail to see the appeal. It's boring. It's not funny. You don't get the same feeling of interaction with the other characters. All you get is claptrap reminding you there's new jobs on the bounty board. I wish the first game didn't exist.

  5. It was fun at first, until levels 25+. Now it's just traveling to hell and back to get a burrito, I mean half a burrito just to have the rest of it stolen from you, and having to get killed 100 times, lose a lot of money, and just to kill a simple lance.

  6. Free you say Microsoft, and backwards compatable with my Xbox One?…(clears some hdd space and downloads). We're also getting Dead Space etc etc next month for free too.

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