BTC crypto news Jedi at CIS : Tim Draper, Dan Morehead, Miko Matsumura

BTC crypto news Jedi at CIS : Tim Draper, Dan Morehead, Miko Matsumura BTC Hodlers, Halloween is coming! Trick or crypto? Hodl or sell bitcoin?

As it has been predicted, bitcoin price is not going to make any spike. But while the stock market in US is crashing, crypto market feels great. Even Elon Musk has tweeted that he’d like to stock up with bitcoin . How do you think, is bitcoin crash possible?

Though Twitter banned the tweet of Musk, the head of Binance crypto exchange supported him and said that he’d buy Tesla. On Tesla to the moon !

How can businesses attract customers? Just use Digitcoin – a blockchain-based digital marketing based on NEM platform. The platform fits into a smartphone and accepts both fiat currencies and cryptocurrency . Digitcoin held an ICO which collected over $16 million, can you imagine this?

And we still have some insights from Crypto Invest Summit for you. Stan met Miko Matsumura, Founder of Evercoin, at CIS. Evercoin project aims to create a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform. And Dan Morehead, co-founder of Pantera Capital crypto funds, was also there – see in the episode.

Surprise! Stan brought along from CIS five books by BTC billionaire Tim Draper and he wants to share them with you. The conditions of the giveaway:
– Like this video
– leave a comment under it (make sure to leave your contacts)
Later, Luis will randomly choose the lucky ones to who’ll get this book absolutely free.

Also our crypto Jedi talked to IBM representative and asked about the views of this technological giant on blockchain . Probably, they wouldn’t spend millions of dollars on research of blockchain technology if they didn’t believe in it.

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  1. A book for me Luis! Will you send it to texas?) I live there 🙂 and I follow this crypto news channel for a long time, and it deserves a million subs for such vids. Keep up!

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  3. miko is a funny guy)) and I was laughing almost the whole episode. bitcoin and cryptocurrency are becoming a popular topic among the laymen owing to your crypto news youtube channel

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