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  1. That's true. I am an Indian. And 5 out of 10 of my friends own Xiomi as it provide grt value to money and thats why in 2017 Xiomi has biggest market share in India.

  2. It seems you are not aware there are many other ways smartphones imported and sold other than through OEM stores or their partners. Eg. Jamaica, we have access to buy any phone we want.

  3. Also i have to disagree with most assumptions here, seems to me (as a financial expert) more like somewhat educated guesses.
    I guess my first Video of yours i have to dislike… :/
    BTw congrats to 100.000 in my head you still had like 7-10K…^^ 🙂

  4. This is my journey so far with the mobile phone.
    1st – Nokia 3315
    2nd Samsung R220
    3rd Motorola C168
    4th Nokia 2700 classic
    5th Nokia N72
    6th Lenovo A3000 Tablet
    7th Lenovo Vibe P1m
    8th Lenovo z2 plus
    9th and current – Honor 9N

  5. I m working in a Xiaomi's Mi service Center we have requested to Sir please Give little time 1hr After  noon to close the taking call Auditaer has responded with Like we are their servents and company is nothing providing any facilities for the employees simply they  Torturing the employees mean heavy work we have working hard our best but still won't do anything auditers are respond  like if you won't go lunch or any other personal work we won't hear we need results only i have told we are doing best for our company mi  please do something for us mean some facilities but  xiaomi is simply taking heave work from employees which even they won't provide anythink for  them they just black mailing employees if won't do we can't hear you have problem had gone lunch or not this type of attitude and they are very very rude in behavior to talk employees like their servents , and minis provide on Defective manufacturing…..Be alert customers before buying the Phone they just need to be Earn Money only from making Defective Products, They just fooling people and their loyal customers and nothing nothing support for employees please check on Youtube You will get what type of quality and Company Provide Many of videos you will be get please share as much as possible They think they are in Top But Everything has it's time I pray to God shows them their Place what they prefer too they very Miss talk with their employees like we are their Donkies again company blakc to their Service center owner If I share any kind of problem to pressure on Owner to Close this type black mail doing Company Audtiers are miss using their Position and Power….not All Audtiers but Many of them are doing thisWe have done everything for the company, but company had not respected our effort and hard work we have done and we have requesting if we are doing this much for your company is anything for us they said no and I have asked to sir give us time little he attitudely said what you do I won't ask you go lunch or not you are sick or not I need result only mean what you hard work dedication had done to the company is doesn't matters he replied do what ever you do we are nothing to them and company won't take action against Auditors please support to raise our voice

  6. Great video Lei!

    OnePlus has recently increased their price points so much so that it doesn't stand true to it's core philosophy of a "Flagship Killer" at an affordable price. They've recently roped in so many celebrities and spent so much marketing it.
    Do you think it's fair for the consumer to be angry at the company for taking such a route (following Apple's footsteps) or is that the only a company can survive today? Please share your thoughts.

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