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  1. Daemon's review actually misses one of the coolest parts of the SNK collection. The [watch] videos option, isn't actually a video but emulated input-sequences, like a tool-assisted longplay that you can start playing from at any point. So you can jump into the game on any frame of the video and play through late levels of the game – you can easily dissect every level's design through this if you are into game design.

    It's an extremely cool feature that should be the standard for every game's collection following this one.

  2. For those who disappointed there are no Neo Geo games please reconsider There are underated classics here. Especially Crystalis. Besides you can get all the Neo Geo games you love on the eShop or the mini. If you love SNK please support.

  3. Crystalis is amazing. That game alone is worth the buy IMO. The soundtrack was mind blowing back then, and the gameplay was incredible. I’m definitely buying this.

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