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  1. Im only gonna get this because its a tradition for me to play these at or during Christmas, now I can play with my Sister too. I wanted a VGC main series competitive game, but this'll do, I dont mind one more year of my USUM team.

  2. I really want an actual Pokemon game for the switch, I don't want pokemon games to keep getting dumbed down, removing battles for wild encounters was a terrible idea in my opinion.

  3. What I don't understand is the need to make this games even more casual. My first Pokemon game was gold and I beat it around 8years old when. I wasn't even fluent in English and I beat it. Pokemon games are not hard, so why the need to continue dumbing it down?

  4. Let's just wait for the game to come out. A lot of people I know and reviews I saw related to the Nintendo Switch before it came out were "It's just another money grab" "It's just another Wii U." Now look at its success. Let's just see, the game might actually be worth it. Nobody knows until Friday.

  5. Although I won't get picking this up until I see it on a decent sale (if at all) seeing the world, engine and graphics gets me excited knowing what I can expect from the 2019 game.

  6. If Nintendo was thinking they would’ve released this game last month. Almost everyone can say imma save my money and buy smash ultimate when it comes out in 2 weeks. Granted you could buy both but last month probably would’ve seen more sales since people would say it’s something to play while waiting for smash

  7. Yeah I’m just gonna buy smash bros and wait until sinnoh remakes next year. Wouldn’t even mind they made a type of sequel to Pokémon coliseum or gale of darkness. At least it would be more challenging then this.

  8. So happy Miranda got to review this! A true Pokemon enthusiast that cared enough to review it fairly as a fan! I can't wait to grab Let's Go Eevee!!! I wonder if there will be a review of the pokéball peripheral?

  9. How is this game for everyone? I have only played the original games on the Gameboy and Omega Ruby on n3ds. I am not really sure that it is worth 60 dollars. Are there a lot of contents in the game? Is it similar to other pokemon games?

  10. Im gonna love this version of pokemon because they have the old classic pokemons! Reminds me of my childhood and the series pokemon wish ash and his friends are the main character tho???

  11. Man another Pokemon game that makes you catch Pokemon without battling them that's why I don't play my Pokemon go game very much anymore because I missed that??

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