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  1. Rottan tomatoes is at 77% so far. JoBlo's review was incredibly positive. Empire, EW and AV Club among the positives as well with THR and Slate in the negative. Seems pretty consistent here with sports some love it, some don't. But the majority seems strong. I can't wait.

  2. So you complain that the Dragos' are bland villains with little depth. Did…did you not see Rocky 4? Or hell, ANY of them after 2? The antagonists have always been bland, yet flashy video game villains. I can tell from your review that this film is consistent with the rest of the series — great story from the protagonist and his support team and a big dumb villain to fight. I don't know why you were expecting some deep villain, when no one aside from Apollo had any real depth. Weak review. I'm still hyped.

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