How LOW can BITCOIN go? Should You buy Bitcoin? Bitcoin crashing today. Bitcoin drop

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How low can Bitcoin go during this Bitcoin crash? If you’re asking yourself, “Should I buy Bitcoin” then watch this. We’ll go over Bitcoin crashing and take a long at the long term Bitcoin price analysis.

Also, we’ll take a look at XRP Ripple price, and QKC QuarkChain price.

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  1. And so we will all remember these days as the last few months to get “cheap” bitcoin.
    Trickle in every time it drops.
    In 2025 you’ll have forgot. Or just be very happy. ??

  2. Which institutions are going to buy Bitcoin? Big names investment funds like Blackrock cannot risk damaging their billion dollar reputation investing in ponzi and rat poison. Many clients will boycott and pull out their fund investments. Whales are exchanging BTC for BCD. Why? BCD is the next Amazon on blockchain with 5000 items on its "Amazon" e commerce store to be the next Amazon. BCD will keep part of the BCD held as profits margins from sales and keep reducing supply of BCD. Hence, price of BCD will continually increase.

  3. Always enjoy hearing your thoughts as they are based on experience and sensible perspective from both sides, both long and short term. I have been trading to accumulate bitcoin with a small handful of coins and one that has done well is QKC, which you talked about a while back. So thanks for alerting me to Quarkchain. Lastly you talk about Bakkt allowing traditional traders being able to buy on non-crypto exchanges. I was wondering if you think this will trigger any rise in price of BTC if they are not using crypto exchanges? Thanks again!

  4. What concerns me the most is how long that $5,800 range was support. Dropping so far below it after so long being supported to me screams that the $5,800 range is going to be an extremely challenging resistance range over the next few weeks/months until we get a something REALLY big like a physically backed ETF finally launching. I know people don't think we need an ETF. But without it we're not going to have enough buy volume to move. Considering that Bitcoin is known by basically everyone on the planet with access to the internet.

  5. I'm only a couple minutes in, so are we thinking there's gonna be a bounce BEFORE we go back down again? Anyone? I know nobody knows for certain of course…

  6. Hey everybody, just a remember the Crypto Market is having a computer busting Black Friday sale all week along, everything is on sale, hurry prices are dropping ?

  7. That's funny. I remember months ago you called out 'Steve and Pauline' now called 'Crypto Crew University' for saying Bitcoin to 3k… Your screenshot of Youtubers saying they don't have a clue…. hmmm, looking like 3k quite possible now

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