My Biggest Regret in Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin Perspective]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about my biggest regrets as a cryptocurrency investor. And learn! Let’s finish off the year strong team.


Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  1. My Biggers regredt is I should have started trading on a professional exchange a lot sooner instead of just holding in a wallet while the market bulls and crashes.Only use an exchange if they offer cold storage.Exchanges have been hacked in the past ,so make sure you use one with high security measures and a good reputation.

  2. I agree that there is still lower to go. Once the stock market crashes more, crypto will take a bit of a hit as people panic sell everything for liquidity(cash). crypto can go lower imo.

  3. Until people realize how fiat (USD/Euros/Yen) work, they won't realize the potential of what BTC is. Their minds won't see a need for it.

    I'm afraid mass adoption won't happen until the rest of the developed world experiences dramatic hyper inflation like we are seeing in other countries. USD is a shitcoin, that they keep printing more of. This is unstable, and all empires fall that stay on this method. BTC is a tool, to help us get back on a backed currency (remember the gold standard?)

    Until people realize that fraction reserve lending, the privately own Federal Reserve, crooked banking system, and Treasury bonds that enslave us to a future that we cannot afford. Needless war is the biggest drain on society (your tax dollars), to say the least. BTC puts your money (energy in your hands), so they can't lend it out and create more fake money from it. This slows down the war machine after enough time… On top of the infinite debt ceiling, and over extended equities market, most retail investors won't realize what's goin on until it's too late.

    Educate yourself, and others. It's the only way. Check out these documentaries. Everyone needs to watch these to put it all in perspective:

    Four Horsemen

    Money vs Currency – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 – Mike Maloney

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  6. Your crypto channel is the best … common sense without the hype. I don't think crypto is worth anything unless it is government backed. We don't need hundreds of different worthless digital fiat currencies for people to use … no one even uses crypto as currency … its all just speculators looking to get rich quickly. These cryptos have no worthwhile useful function. They will disappear once the public lose interest and realise they aren't going to get rich trading crypto. Granted that gambling is big business so who knows what will happen going forward … none of us know the future.

  7. Appreciate the reflection bro. We are all in the learning process, and the crypto market has taught me a lot of things.
    Keep up the good work and grow your channel with more quality content.

  8. Hi Austin, I was at KuCoin yesterday and saw that ELA is on a list of coins getting special attention, it may be delisted at some point, so be aware !!

  9. Tnx brother for giving us some courage. The ones that still stays in this space are the smart people. I still have a job, puttin some of my salary into crypto every month. But this month i must wait. It will dip further. Havin my fiat ready. Gonna take profits earlier as well.

  10. Nice video Austin,,, I opened a Coinbase account in November 2016 but never bought. BTC was about $700. I thought you had to buy a full Bitcoin and I told myself what the hell am I gonna do with $700 of digital money I cant do anything with. I did not understand or appreciate the genius of blockchain. I got in early Feb 2017 prompted by news of the parabolic move. I know nothing other than a downward trend. But,,,,, what I have learned this past year has been priceless. I set out to touch every part of this space I possibly could. I was one of the first miners of Raven coin, set up the very first Meet Up for cryptocurrency in my part of the state, shared masternodes to setting up and owning my own masternodes, flipping for small profit recently added tokens to CMC, and finally owning and breeding Cryptokitties,,,lol. I would not change anything. I am still enthralled with the space,,, my enthusiasm has not wavered despite my losses. Mass adoption will take place first in third world countries because it will be necessary. U.S. will be the last country to adopt and it will go down with a fight. All of us in this space now are "pre" early adopters. This is a long , but sure game. Don't give up hope.

  11. ..i sat with a friend and another guy in this restaurant…at the table to our right was someone asking to pay for his beer…and he payed to my suprise in Bitcoin… never heard of it…he took out his Phone and proudly sent 1.5 Bitcoin to pay for his beer and left shortly after that…
    We were intrested and started to talk about BTC. My friend and i were not sure about that digital hoax…but the other guy said, that he bought 2000 Bitcoins some months ago…long story short..
    I have last seen the other guy back in march this year. My friend told me, that this guy cashed out at 19'000$ , quit his job and went to discover the world…
    I meanwhile lost my job, split up with my girl and had to move 2 times….
    My biggest regret is that i havent listened to this guy and his predictions…sure i bought in…but in Dezember 17 and i am 90% down…
    Late to the party and then asked to clean everything up…just crazy crypto stories…

  12. Crypto investors are apparently not familiar with the phrase "past performance is not indicative of future results".
    There is a huge difference between Bitcoin between 2014 and 2015 and now. Back then it was a weird little asset which very few people knew about, and the cost of entry was relatively small. Nowadays many people have already bought at the high and got burnt, the cost of entry is pretty high (assuming an investor wants to hold an entire Bitcoin), and most importantly – interest rates are on the rise, which means that cheap credit is not as abundant as it used to, and people have less money to spend or invest.
    That is why it became clear to me that Bitcoin was not headed higher as most of you were thinking, but rather much much lower. I even called it on my personal blog ( before the crash, on November 3rd.
    Listening to you guys trying to cheer each other up is kinda cute, I have to admit. But it's time to grow up and realize you have all been had. Crypto-currencies were never much more than an elaborate scheme to transfer money from your pockets, to the pockets of the whales and early adopters. Cash out while your coins are still worth something, and in the future beware of speculative bubbles.

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  14. Don't beat yourself up, I see myself as very experienced and shouild be, with all the trades I have made in my life … and still, i made the same mistakes, HODLED to long, bought to quick, stated to late etc… it all makes us stronger!!

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