Black Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee Under Fire For Dating White Woman

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  1. My best friend only dated white men. Never did you hear anyone call her a sell out etc.

    It is a double standard. Every man i ever met who dated/married a black woman said they would never do it again. Black women don't think "hey how can i make myself more "datable" instead they throw snack packs at the wedding instead of rice.

  2. I use to get such a hard time from black women (sometimes black men) for dating a black man.

    I use to say if he wasn't dating me he would be with another white woman.

  3. When you ask why he's a "black teckie" look at the Texas school board who is trying to erase any non white person from history.

    As far as why black women are mad at him is stupid. He's a lame and a nerd, so since he isn't the cool drug dealer rapper BS they didn't want him.
    Now that he's successful they want him and think that black women should have the first right or refusal. Not realizing they already rejected him.

  4. That is nothing wrong with dating a black woman my high-school girlfriend was black that's why I threw my own grandfather out the house when he made a comment about my high-school girlfriend mine you this happened years ago when I was in high school

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