Bitcoin will end down at 85 percent of previous highs, says expert

Anthony Pompliano, Morgan Creek Digital Assets, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the bitcoin plunge and why he’s bearish on the cryptocurrency.

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  1. Can these idiots stop comparing Bitcoin to the tulip mania , Bitcoin while not perfect at this moment but is always improving is a transactions layer as the gentleman mentions . It has a proper use case and they always have to throw the conversation in the cutter by mentioning the tulips

  2. Bitcoin might not get to zero but its never hitting 20000$ again. Unless the US Fed, Uk and EU accepts it as a currency for transactions. People that have crypto currency have no where to spent it except the dark Web and shaddy deals. For crypto lovers when last did you buy something from Amazon or buy a house or pay ur bills with your so called currency. What is the point of having a currency you can't spend.

  3. He said that people who bought in at December and January got burnt and won't buy in.
    At the same time, you have to remember 50% of the people at that time were selling and making massive profits. Those sellers are looking for a bottom to get back in as they are holding onto large sums of money.
    The people who sold at 19K are the people to get back into crypto now again……they are now driving lambos…. whoever bought in December and January probably did not know what they were doing (dumb money).

  4. The moment you see all those people that lost so much and left in tears …. is ….. drum roll … 21k $ and then 25k$ and then 30k $. And then the whole thing all over again. Surprised?

  5. What is the difference? Non-inflationary. They are only making 21 million and 3-4 million were estimated to be lost in the beginning. What I want to know is the OTC buying, that's the question.

  6. I hear a lot of people say all the time: they dont know what the bitcoins are. I have been thinking about this and now i think i have clear what these virtual coins for sure are not: It is no real money because you can not pay with it in real life, It is not a safe way to store your savings because the vallue drops while you blink your eyes, it is not a safe way to store vallue because there are huge ammounts stolen by hackers and thieves regularly. The coins have no real vallue, it is not safe for criminals because the play the market with pump and jump constructions all the time. It is not unique because every day new coins are invented. It is not eco-friendly because it uses huge ammounts of energy just to mine and trade. It is not replacing banks because it is not easier to use. My end conclusion is : althoug in the beginning the idea was good what is has become is a total faillure and now the rest of the world also starts to see this. These coins have been loosing vallue for a year now The only good advice is now to run for the exit and take your loss and learn a valluable lession if you cant get clear what things are dont invest in them. Bitcoin will end.

  7. The herd has come and left. Bitcoin will not go up like it went last year that’s is done with. It will take years for bitcoin to set a new ATH. Invest and know it’s gonna be years before you make profit

  8. The argument is flawed – how many people invested in bitcoin really? maybe less than 1% of people who knew about it and maybe a large percentage of that 1% jumped in on the hype. Yes they lost money because they were investing in something the didnt understand. But when Bitcoin recovers you will have 99% of people saying "hmmm maybe i should actually buy some of this before I look stupid – just like last time when i thought it wouldnt go anywhere" ….

  9. Stupid comparison to tulip mania. Did the tulip price recover as Bitcoin did in the past? The other guy just said despite its retracement it still outperformed the stockmarket.

  10. These journalists don't know what they are talking about. The difficulty adjustment will kick in and the price to mine Bitcoin will come down probably in the next two weeks if the prices stay this low. Also retail investors move markets in blips. They are usually broke and paying bills. If retail investors could drive the market to those heights, think of what the institutional investor will do. Institutional investors take it to the moon. When the investment train passes the retail investors, they don't care. When an investments passes the institutional investor, they bring the train back. This is why they are buying over the counter. Do you think that they want retail investors rich on their backs. Never!! Cryptocurrencies are the assets of the rich now. By the time the retail investor gets back in, it will unaffordable for them. Regular should be buying not selling but as usual, the herd goes to the slaughter house.

  11. how come Bitcoin and ripple are changing value but the total crypto market cap doesn't change, that is a broken block chain

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