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  1. I love it cuz its not the monsters and creepy places that scared me its psychological impact it has on you. Humans are fragile beings and they question the meaning of life

  2. Game is great. My only complaint is that for most monsters, they don't follow some sort of path, so they're always after you no matter where you are, which leaves very little time for exploration, and it makes you just want to leave the place as soon as possible so you won't get killed.

  3. How tf did you play for twelve hours and not notice how the monsters or puzzles worked? My playtnrough was just under nine hours and I figured mostly all mechanics out.

  4. 0/10 when reviewing this review video
    Obviously you haven’t played all the way and haven’t tried to interact with the environment more

    Or you just dumb lol

  5. I have to say what a BRILLIANT game to play! It's pretty scary as well, few moments gave me proper goosebumps… and trust me I am big fan of OUTLAST games so I do not scare easy. I purchased this game as it was discounted after I saw the very positive feedback it got on Steam. I can surely confirm this is a great game and you must play it if you like Sci-Fi Horror genre. I don't consider most of the reviews to be accurate here. The amazing positives I found in Soma: Thrilling atmosphere, One of the best sounds in the game, Intuitive tasks and mainly Fantastic story. Simply put the SOMA is an awesome movie which you can actually play.

  6. So far it’s fun, I like it. You didn’t give it a good review, I take it you didn’t care for it very much, not your type of game I guess.

  7. This review is so inaccurate and generally so badly done (amateurish, rushed, wrong gameplay description, etc.), that really makes me wonder why is still up 3 years later. This video also reassures that I have unsubscribed your biased channel months ago.

  8. Think it's funny how he talks about uncovering the story and figuring out what's happening but then he says the robots are "spewing oil" and didn't get the structural gel part and the WAU…. completely missed like a giant portion of the story. Then he goes on to say "frustratingly there's no discernible way to avoid them" as a statement not as a personal problem he had, I say this having beaten the game and never ONCE being caught on my first play through (of course minus the part where the blind one catches you as a part of the story and puts you in structural gel). Then he says throwing objects doesn't lure enemies when yes it does with the enemies that sense sound only.

  9. Some – Overwhelmingly Positive reviews by 8000 people on steam IGN=8.1
    COD Advanced Warfare – Mostly Negative Reviews by 8000 people on steam IGN=9.1

    Just goes to show you that IGN reviews can't be trusted especially when the game is by a big developer.

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