STRONG Reversal Signal For Bitcoin! – Has Bitcoin Bottomed?

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Many signals are pointing towards Bitcoin bottoming. In this video we’ll discuss all the Bitcoin technical analysis that suggests a bottom for Bitcoin is coming.

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  1. We haven’t even broke down trend and we haven’t broke moving average yet. Neither have we double bottomed. Very uneducated because I haven’t seen one sign of reversal yet. My limit is set at 2500

  2. We had 2 supports left. 3600 and 2500. Yet you post this right after we broke 3600. Obviously after that we’re heading below 3k and you post this video. I’m sorry but that wasn’t smart

  3. Nothing bullish about these charts. Maybe a little short squeeze but the buy orders are very low so an up move is not sustainable

  4. Technical analysis….?????? Reading bird entrails would actually bring more clarity to the situation than all of the "technical analysis" spoken by Crypto Jebb. Crypto currencies are nothing but a speculation tool at the moment. Most crypto currencies are created by individuals who simply want to take your money and run. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have been at the mercy of two megalomaniacs. No government influence sure, but two unaccountable individuals can set its future. Crypto currencies are currently a real nasty swamp.

  5. The market is going to grow soon. The crypto market is unregulated and there are a lot of manipulations there. It’s ruled by big money. After all inexperienced investors leave, the market will start growing to attract fresh money. And it will be growing giving people new hopes again. The whales know how to do this… So the growth is coming.

  6. Yo Jebb, what do you think of this scenario:

    – btc goes to 2,800 (closes the day/week at the 200 day average)
    – btc sees the fourth Elliot wave up close to 6,000
    – the fifth wave crashes to around 1,200
    – btc goes back to test the 6,000 level
    – if 2014 is any indication, we may see the 2,000 level or a little lower and bounces back up
    – consolidation occurs within the 5,000 – 6,000 range for a few months before we confirm the end of the bear market and inching up to 10,000 and beyond

    See, after we broke through 6,000, I had set a buy limit at 4,500 and then again at 4,000 and then again at 3,500 and again at 3,000 and reset it again at 2,800…all along I’ve been thinking of buying for the long term and possibly trading it for ICX to lower cost average but I now realized (admit my error in thinking for what others may think is obvious) I’ve could bought at all those levels and set a 10-15% sell limit and I would’ve have more than doubled my initial investment but this being my last bullet at the market I’ve been extremely cautious.

    I’m now confident that this is the way to approach it and even if btc goes lower than 2,800 I think that it’ll be a good price to get in to hopefully sell near 5,600 level and wait for the fifth wave to do it all over again.

    Just curious on your thoughts as you consistently read and comment back.

    Much appreciation!

  7. Everybody is confusing the video, No this isn't the bottom but we're sure as hell not going to get there in one swoosh. For some reason everybody expects this v-shape boom where we capitulate and go into the next bull run and that is just plain false. Bulls are going to take over here soon, it will cut out all bears and shorts. And just when everybody fomoes and thinks were going back up, it'll dump again and we'll retrace to lows of 2k's and so on. The markets aren't here for the masses to win. It punishes the high leveraged

  8. Without further analysis It is clear as the sun that BTC will go further down imho. My prediction of bottom is around $3000.But it can go further down $2000 if cannot recover at $3000.Wait and patience is the KEY!.

  9. Cost of mining DOES rule the bottom price. Anyone who says otherwise does not understand BTC. The market must consistently adjust to make sure a certain number of blocks are mined every two weeks. Right now, the lowest possible price to miners to make that happen is just over $3000 per BTC. No miner will operate at a loss as some have suggested. It makes no sense whatsoever to do so. If they were going to mine at a loss, they would BUY btc instead. Therefore, it is not technically possible for BTC to drop for any length of time below 3k. That is its floor as of today. There is no chance of the difficulty level adjusting so massively that any price below $3000 will be profitable to miners.

  10. I think we're going to fall into at least the high 2000's before a true bottom is established. $2500 would be about 87% down from the all time high, similar to the percentage drop we saw during the 2014/2015 bear market.

  11. And 3 hours later, we're heading down. Support broken…..this is all BS. This guy is seeing ghost in the charts. This is nothing more than short squeezes. Little blips on the chart that come right back down. Guys, be careful, the alt coins are still VERY inflated. There could be some type of dead cat, but this space has a lot left to flush. Jebb got into Crypto in 2017. I was talking about bitcoin in 2015. Mr. Wet behind the ears Jebb. 🙂

  12. I feel the bears have been so aggressive recently and over extended their fight against the bulls, which is good. The bulls are really fighting hard for the 3.5k range so imagine what kind of battlefield it'll be at 3k. I personally think 2.5k-3k range is showing a lot more credit with each day for it being the bottom as opposed to talk about 1.1k or 1.8k. I also feel like it could trend down to 3k soon and have a brief encounter sub 3k but "v" back up because the bulls are waiting with their fingers on the trigger to go all in in that range.

  13. I don't expect this to be the bitcoin bottom… we may well get a pump to the 50 or even 100 sma but after that I think the price will come down for the real capitulation. Possibly all the way down to 1k… use this next pump to make some profit and have it on the sidelines for the actual bottom

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