Bitcoin To $2,400?! | Bitcoin Mining Death Spiral | Altcoins Bleeding, Opportunity?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is Bitcoin mining experiencing a death spiral right now? And will Bitcoin crash down to $2,400? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

1:13 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
10:30 Altcoins To Buy
15:42 BTC Death Spiral
18:02 Tokenized Assets

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  1. It could take another 6 months for the sellers to get exhausted.

    It took them a year to get where they are now.
    I’m starting to think we could see an erratic break $2K

    I would look at the 2014 drop that took 3 years to regain.
    You don’t lose as long as you don’t sell

  2. We should also keep in mind that mining = competition, big miners want smaller ones to exit the game the can oparate on a loss for some month, small miners can't hence they leave and more Bitcoin remain for the big boys.

  3. The last low on the RSI was so ridiculously low that any following RSI bottom had to be higher. It's a soft signal anyway but in this case I wouldn't trust the divergence as being significant at all.

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  5. Tokenizing physical assets won't work / there is always a human in the middle who can manipulate the physical assets attributes. For example tokenize a house on one acre, the house burns down how does the blockchain know that the house has burned down? Might work where audits by a trusted entity exists / like tokenize gold that has been put in storage and audited by a trusted entity.

  6. $CHX and Ownmarket is a undervalued business sub 7 million market cap. It is a working business and it is a tokenized secutriy platform. Take a look at it it is a awesome business that is really under the radar. Own allready have deals with many companies. Own is making it own dual blockchain and have mainet Q1 2019. I recommend you to take a look at it 😀

  7. Death spiral is actually very much alive and a real problem.
    May I remind you geniuses of 2008 and Lehman Brothers.
    Lehman Brothers were over leveraged and exposed to a massive debt. They also were thinking "long term" back then.
    Same economic mechanism applies to mining. Unless the miners are able to get a Bailout from somewhere they will go down. Of course it all depends on how long Bitcoin price will stay that low. If it goes up very soon it will be all good. If it stays that low or lower for the next six months miners will run out of liquidity and shut down their operations.
    After all Mining is a profit oriented Business and the profit is calculated in Dollars.

  8. Carl. I've been watching you everyday for almost 10 months now..
    Just thought it was time I said thank you!

    You are great. I show your videos to all my Crypto/Forex friends.

    ..and we will see youu TOMORROW!!!
    (from Montreal Canada)

  9. Karl, i been watching your videos for a while and just decided to check you first videos. Just want to let you know you made i huge step. I mean now you are so much confident. Wish you luck to grow your channel

  10. So… what do I get for $2400?
    Bitcoin shmitcoin blahcoin meowcoin

  11. A death spiral in Bitcoin, is like a death spiral in fracking. To kill Bitcoin, and fracking will take making it illegal. Even then, only fracking would die, thanks to hodler’s. In the end, are you in the 21 million club, and will you remain?

  12. I disagree about NEM. NEM has completed only the first two thirds of a very long term, and almost perfect, cup formation, and will very likely continue to go up until Bitcoin exits its bear market. I have been using NEM as my version of a stable coin when I get out of other trades.

  13. once again: you can fk yourself with your "2019 will be a very very very bullish year" statement. Only not to lose subscribers.

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