Is Mysterio Good or Bad in Spider-Man: Far From Home?

Even though Quentin Beck is historically a villain in the comics, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio looks more like a benevolent hero in the first trailer for Spider-Man: …


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  1. Do you think Mysterio will wind up being evil… or could the MCU pull a fast one on us and make Mysterio a hero?

  2. I think he's create the mascaracde of villains and battling them to make himself look like s hero because correct me if I'm wrong didn't mysterio start off trying to be a hero in the comics?

  3. Well i think those monster is a illusion. In comics he don’t exactly have super powers.

    Maybe this all is a illusion.

    Mysterio wanted to be superhero but hated spider man.

    I think those monster are illusions. Its all in mind.

    Mysterio illusions are at the best in the movie that’s why they seem real.

  4. He wants what he gets. If he has to kill Spider-Man, he will. He warned Peter in the trailer because mysterio will kill him if he has to, and he wants to try and avoid it

  5. Have people not read the comics. The "elements" are: Sandman, Hydroman, Molten Man. I think Mysterio will team up with the elements near the end of the movie, to go against Spider-Man.

  6. He gonna bad and I'm just speculating here but , he is the one summoning the elementals so that he can get the fame and then when Spiderman unveils the truth or something like the Danny Phantom plot Mysterio is just making Spiderman feel useless so that he can rule the world etc

  7. I literally just read Mysterio's first appearance in comics and the first thing he did was pretend to be a hero, by framing spider-man. Im pretty sure he's doing a con in the movie.

    It's amazing spider-man #13 if anyone is interested.

  8. Two ways it could play out
    1.All of the baddies are his illusions and wants to be like the Syndrome character
    2.All of the elemental villains(sandman,hydro man,molten man) want to control the world and spider found help in Mystereo.

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