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  1. Please don’t rush, health comes first! And Shawn n o it’s obv Shadow and MC, that’s how it always works. Wow my logic is A+ insert cool emoji x1000
    Edit: Thank you for the heart, love you~

  2. I love this……. I was watching part 1 earlier today and I was sad when I didn't see part 2 but I'm glad that I saw it now so Then when you make the other part I don't have not watch this one first!

  3. This is AMAZING!!
    Loves it !
    I kinda ship shadow and andrea
    But i also ship sean and andrea
    Both at the same time idk how wth

    I mostly ship shadow and andrea more so I’ll go with that

  4. This is so good! No need to rush, we just loved the first part. For me I will rather wait then to get something that was super rushed. Take your time. But this was super cool tho :3!

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