Best Entry Level FPV Racing Drone | Truly a Bind and Fly FPV Quad

The KingKong ET125 and ET115 could be the best entry / intermediate drone we have ever flown! Truly a Bind and Fly quad – the Stock PIDS (settings) are nearly perfect for those just starting out and flies pretty darn good straight out of the box! Small enough to fly in small spaces, but has plenty of power for larger areas. This is one of our most relaxing quads we fly (our store does not have a lot of room for 5 inch quads)

The Case, oh my I nearly forgot about the case! Wow, just that is awesome! – This comes with a Genuine FrSky XM receiver pre-solder. The accessory bag contains lots of props and screws, but Grayson Hobby also offers frame kits, spare motors, and props.

If you are on the fence as to which entry quad to get, WE PROMISE you will not be disappointed with the ET 115 or ET125 from KingKong

KingKong Micro Whoops

Complete Ready to Fly Bundle (our most popular)

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  1. Sometimes you guys mumble and talk over each other on key points. Remember, these are entry level drones for entry level pilots. I turned on the CC and kept rewinding until I could figure out what you guys said. Otherwise great video.

  2. can i change the props for et125 ? i mean can i buy good ones for the 125 to make it more stable. I want to connect a runcam on it for 1080 recording.

  3. And the video you guys clearly state that only uses 2s. When I look at it on your website it states
    10A 2-3S, 20*20mm. I am still a newbie but doesn't this mean it runs on 3s?

  4. I love my ET115…..the battery that comes with it though is crap….I've been running the Tattu 800mah 2s and getting a ton more flight time.

  5. Fantastic video. I'm looking to get into FPV in the house to start. These look pretty good. I was thinking about FXT goggles and one of these… or similar if they have longer flight time. Also need a Controller I can use with planes, everybody in my club uses Spektrum 6 or 9. I'm new at this. Suggestions?

  6. In my KK et 115, in air mode, when I arm, one motor start after 0,5s. And when disarm, the same motor stops first. Why? The quad is new and it flies well.

  7. You have to take it apart to bind it! What a joke! I think I'll just buy a space shuttle for easier flight! Why in the world would they design something so complicated!? Thank god i watched this because i was wanting to buy it, but not now! However i am going to sub to your channel

  8. I probably should send an email somewhere, but not sure where, so here goes.
    I'm that 68 year old guy that wants to try flying FPV.
    I really liked the video with this one, and would probably go with the 115 with the aftermarket props you put on. I don't have a transmitter, since until I commit to one of these guys, I've only been flying toys that come with proprietary transmitters.
    What's the least expensive, but dependable transmitter you would suggest, – especially if I find out I love these things, and decide to buy another one, and use the same transmitter.
    I also didn't see this as one of your noob completely set up offerings.
    Would you sell this as a RTF setup? ? with the transmitter i'm asking about? ? ?

  9. I'm looking for something to fly in the park and surf Treetops. Diving.. can this do that?
    I have been researching for weeks.. I'm ready to buy but my only experience is with force 1 toy drones and my RF8 Sim.
    I fly rate and acro on my simulator but only fly via wifi fpv on my (Blue Jay)..

  10. I had the ET115 and loved it. On 3s with 3 inch tri blades it was powerful but only lasted 4 packs until I blew the ESC. I'm really looking to buy another one since I've got spare parts now.

  11. Hey guys, bought one of these after watching the video. I found it per your instructions but my transmitter inputs are not registering on beta flight. I have a solid green light on my xm reciecer. I am on urat 3 and selected sbus but my receiver is not communicating with my fc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  12. Just got my et125 from Grayson Hobby, haven’t had a chance to bind it yet, and I am kinda new to this stuff, so because this has no OSD, how are you getting your LV warning? Is that something you can setup via the Taranis QX7, or could one just use an external LV beeper?

  13. I've been flying an ET100 for several months now. Its smaller size makes it a great indoor flyer, and the prop guards are virtually indestructible. I have it bound to a Jumper T8SG and I use a Eachine EV800D knock-off headbox. Great FPV set up for cheap, I must say. The camera's not so great, but for the price, you can't have it all, eh?

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