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  1. Love the throat cutting and dismemberment, it has huge potential as other "realistic" fighting games don't use those features.

  2. This game is more beautiful than my mother… yet again, that isn't that much of an achievement..
    It's more beautiful than the cutest girl in the world, mi little sister

  3. It's cool but BAS is still better right now of course and with that game already being out way longer with mod support already it probably won't be beaten but this game does look good merp and would love to try it soon.

  4. Now this is what I love about VR, look at that beautiful physics based combat! Look at how every slice and stab makes the enemy react in some way to the impact. Freaking awesome!!!

  5. No….the dismemberment is cool, but the zombie part of it isn’t. They just need to add dismemberment to blade and sorcery. This is crap lol

  6. Thanks for the awesome vid Merp! My girlfriend is sick right now, and this vid’s kinda helping her. It at least distracts her from the migraine.

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