How to Upgrade a PlayStation 5!

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  1. If I haven't set up my ps5 for the first time. Should I do that first OR Install the ssd first before first set up etc. Please help!

  2. I want to mod the console and the controllers with different colors but…the white with black accents is my favorite colors anyway. I’d have no way to make it better than that because my house aesthetic is literally white and light grey everywhere with black or chrome accents around.

  3. Got my PS5 on day one. Felt like a baller because I got the new hotness before most.

    Two years later, and I'm still sad by the lack of genuine PS5 games. This has been the slowest adoption of new console hardware that I've ever seen in my life.

  4. Are you sure the dock fans “push” air up into the PS5? Fans normally “pull” hot air out of the device…. not into it.

  5. Literally just got one after waiting nearly 2 years through inventory shortages and 3P markups. Extremely glad I waited.

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