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  1. Did you make box mockups for Pokémon sword and shield? Why not just wait for the actual games to come out than to make your own and put them there. That’s not a ton of work to do but it’s time that you could have use doing more constructive stuff.

  2. You don't know how VR works huh I can clearly tell are all paper crafts things dumb yes the switch struggles with pixel density but that was just a really bad example it's mirrored on either side and the lenses are freaking domes of glass that bend in band and work the screen so it looks right

  3. someone made a video a while back making a VR headset for the switch and the conclusion was that It wouldn't work because the aspect ratio on the switch gave it a bad field of view. I am still interested to see how this turns out though.

  4. Missing the point. Short, simple game experiences it what this is about. And let's all hope it does well enough to at least have Nintendo take interest in more serious VR so well all could benefit.

  5. Lol Doug bowser works at Nintendo
    Also this sounds like cheap vr like google cardboard
    He pointed to the right when he said virtual boy, does he have one

  6. Nintendo should have made a proper vr headset like the Samsung gear vr, so you can plug the switch in, but the headset should have a 1440p screen built-in so when the switch is plugged in it transfers everything on the switch's screen to the headset's screen just like the dock, and the headset should include a charging port so the switch doesn't run out of charge.
    Plus this concept should have an IR sensor to be compatible with the right joycon.
    So basically it's like the Samsung gear vr but without the touch pad and with an additional screen.

  7. The VR Kit is a test to see if the people like it.
    The new Nintendo Switch will have a higher resolution display (1080p) and they maybe will launch a non cardboard version and we will finally have VR Games on the switch

  8. i think it's stupid, i've tried vr on my last phone with 2k resolution screen and it still look terrible so imagine vr with 720p switch screen ?!

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