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  1. It is idiotic to classify people by skin tone phenotypes. For starters we are not really white and black and much like the rest of our genetics worldwide within the HUMAN RACE, it is gradient in design. Part of the issue when lump summing by idiotic outdated social constructs like white and black, is that it also breeds a platform for generalizations, such as White privilege.

    Yet just ignore this comment and continue being stupid.

  2. As an Asian, I bet literally except the SJW living in America (probably Europe as well?Idk) no one really cares about whether the characters are too white, too black or too yellow. Does that even matter? This is so stupid. Just play the game and be a real gamer. But you know what, these people are not real gamers so what am I even talking about. SHAME ON YOU "ACTIVISTS". LOL

  3. British-Palestinian here. COMPLETELY AGREE. The game is set in a rural area it seems, and so based on my understanding of American demographics it's best to stick to a white character, because it's the most probable or realistic option and therefore the most immersive.

    Imagine trying to play this game with a brown or black, or far East Asian character, especially considering it's character focused. If it was set in an urban area then okay I would understand but it's not so they need to stfu. I'd put the controller down just as I did with BF5 when I heard all the fucking screams from the women in a WW2 battlefield. It's not immersive and it ruins the experience. Nothing to do with racism, more about understanding your character and being able to relate because it's more realistic.

    Diversity in video games works in some places e.g. I expect Cyberpunk to be the perfect example, but in others it shouldn't e.g. Red Dead or rural America with a biker main character.

  4. dmc 5 is really fucking good. but they'll probably say that's too white, even though they have a black guy.

    I saw a couple of reviews for dmc 5, as much as they tried to hate it and say that the wamen should've gotten some of the fighting, they couldn't hate it because the game is so fun.

  5. What is the problem with Europe ? NOT WHITE ENOUGH. But m8 this is racism. NO!! I just love Europe,my culture,history and I want to defend it. Proud to be a white European!!

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