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  1. 1) You didn't list down where they would be $20
    I noticed this was posted back in 2017 close to Christmas so I understand why it's $20
    2) Your $20 products go for about $100 so compare the original price with the discounted price

  2. So which one do you think would be the best for recording at a concert/party?? I would really like to know cause last concert I went to, all my videos from it all I can hear is the bass ?

  3. I noticed the audios change with each diffrent mic you talked about. So when talking about the boya. Was it the one you were recording with at that time?

  4. my family love doing karaoke can i use external while playing karaoke in my phone or tablet bluetooth connected in my car?

  5. That Samson sure sells itself.. for $260, you get a crapton of static noise.. (noone else noticed?) Didn't hear anything else wrong with the other ones (.. I am on crap speakers though, which might explain it..)

  6. You missed the Zoom H1 or H1n as a great external mic for a phone. Get a rig and mount the Zoom on it with the phone and you've got a high quality audio input for your phone.

  7. which one of these mics can pic up low frequencies and handle high db? i want to start recording car audio bass demos. these vehicles gets as loud as 160+db and play bass notes down to 20hz

  8. I'm having a rough time finding the Boya setup you suggested. I really recommend partnering with amazon for some links in the description, i definitely would have purchased through your links if you had them. The rest of the video was very informative and helpful, thank you.

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