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  1. It's weird. The characters kinda look more…plasticky? But they still look FINE. Like if you put that on a ps4 I'd be like "I mean I'm not impressed but it looks okay" but considering what it IS on, and at 60fps, it's pretty impressive.

  2. Preorder $5
    Full game purchase $60
    Pro controller charged up and ready
    Box bandaids for sore thumbs and blood and all the gore on the a huge smile on my face….PRICELESS

  3. Very acceptable graphics considering the game will be running at 60 fps on switch. I’ll be getting the switch version when it comes out so I’ll have something besides Smash and Cuphead to play with friends.

  4. This isn't even real switch gameplay. Just gameplay of the consoles versions pasted on a switch screen.

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