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  1. darksiders 4 did just release. but we don't know if this new title is from a different studio or not. could be a reboot, spiritual sequel, etc.

  2. Not sure why 3 was trash the series hasnt been truly special since ds1. They keep changing what type of game they want to be and its getting worse and worse because there getting further away from there roots. Fury didn't even have her horse in the third game who made that choice lol. I hope the redeem the franchise because these guys have been really screwing it up

  3. Wait huh? We still have fury. And now strife is coming? Damn. Guest with all that time, they were able to bring in another game.

  4. I just marathoned the whole series this year. Considering what they had to through just to release the last game, I was hopeful but never expected a sequel to come to be announced anytime soon. So this is a huge surprise. Hope it returns more dungeon puzzles and keeps up with the awesome art design and world building… And maybe 4 player coop for the 4th horseman's game

  5. Do all these companies not have enough self restraint to wait a few weeks until E3?

    Hey guess what! At E3 we will announce the announcement trailer for a game that we announced 2 years ago!

    And in 6 months wait for our teaser trailer announcing the trailer to tease us teasing you about a game we are teasing!!!

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