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  1. U could say the same thing about wearing shoes changing the human body over time. Or what about not being covered in hair from wearing clothing.

  2. Lol evolution is not that fast, in 80years we won’t develop a second eyelid ???‍♂️. Think about it do you think that in just three generations we develop thicker neck muscles, thicker skulls and another eyelid??? Lol I like you RT but come on use some logic

  3. so does this back up the theory the "greys" are actually what some have secretly referred to as "the kids"..and what that means is aliens are actually just our "descendants"/kids from the future traveling back in time?

  4. LOL – DUMB – in 40 years or less this technology is going to be implanted. We won't be carrying around smart phones in the future.

  5. nah, smart phones won't turn us into mutants. we got so many chemicals, gas and oil companies lobbying to deregulate dumping their toxic chemicals into water and ground water. polluted water is what will turn us into mutants.

  6. All will reveal their "true" natures, and these deceiving liars would label the 'revelation of truth' as falsehoods and blame the cause on technologies!

  7. This is another story made for Maga morons. What do you suppose our feet would look like if we never wore shoes? Our feet are actually significantly deformed from wearing shoes.

  8. According to Ray Kurzweil who is head of technology at Google we will be cyborgs merged with a.i and have no gender
    He actually says it in videos that it is Google's plan…
    They always tell us in advance there plans

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