Is Bitcoin Breaking BULLISH? Bitcoin Tests KEY Resistance!

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Bitcoin is currenctly in a consolidation pattern. Will Bitcoin Break Bearish or Bullish? It is currently testing resistance at around $10,000, and this may lead it to rally up, or we can see that it will break bearish over the course of the next few days. We discuss some technicals and the most likely scenario in the video.

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  1. $8,900 seems like an excellent target, slightly above the 20 week MA on Coinbase. I haven't purchased any BTC since March, been waiting for a pullback to such a key level. My funds will clear for trading by Tuesday. Hopefully that will be before the potential price breakdown commences.

  2. Torn to buy now at 10k or use the wait and see approach and swoop up more satoshis if BTC breaks 9800 support, catching the wick down to 8800.
    A lot of macro uncertainty over the next week may make BTCa hedge with GLD & SLV, but the weak technical indicators on BTC make me cautious.

  3. I tried to get filled last night when it dropped to around 10035 but just missed the quick dip, then went to bed and was surprised to see when I woke up that it pumped to 10375. Got in at 10020 this morning hopefully will see a good pump again today.

  4. Jebb, let me tell you this, if Bitcoin doesn't go to the Moon with everything that's happening around the world, and I mean everything that's happening, that's means that Bitcoin is a failure and it's not going anywhere, I repeat if Bitcoin doesn't go up to the Moon with everything that is going on, it is crazy and only means that Bitcoin is a lie and is not going anywhere.

  5. Is it just me or did you 'predict' the price will fall again in a video published after the price had already fallen? Please say it ain't so! lol

  6. It will probably will drop. No one can tell exactly how far. With that said I see a cup and handle formation on the weekly chart. I believe we are on the handle. If history repeats itself, after it bottoms out it will make a sideways and up move. It will be slow, boring and deceiving. So I’m not bullish for the short term, but yes for the long term.

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