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  1. Ok so I’m in challenge series now so 50-60% way through, its fun to play but very repetitive and little buggy online is a fuster cluck tho really lets the game down .
    Rubberbanding, servers slow to load, swapping cars can freeze out resulting in you having to reload game.
    Also you can’t make private races for you and friends so no lawn mower derby I’m afraid.

    Buy it at your own risk I’d wished I’d waited for a sale.

  2. Imagine this destruction tech but with an amped up arcadey cross country racer, something like the OG Motorstorm trailer but not CG lol

    Maybe with instant respawns so you don't mind getting wrecked but fading into existence, your car explodes out the back of a truck or out of a helicopter and crashes onto the racetrack at full speed lol

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