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  1. My gears 5 is legit broken, sometimes a main character will get stuck in the floor and I can't progress, my game crashes non-stop on an xbox one s, it has keyboard and mouse support but that is broken it will work for like 15 minutes and then just break, it makes me walk backwards and then eventually crashes but i love gears so much that I will get past this, I have to

  2. I dont like that the classes are tied to characters they should be separate or make it were you can have duplicate classes. Since I dont want to use any other weapon other than the classic load out of lancer, gnasher, snub.

  3. Question for anybody out there that got the Ultimate Edition from Best Buy where in the world is the Lancer skin code doesn't appear to be on any receipt or within the games case any ideas guys?

  4. Is this a review or overview? The reviewer spends more time telling you about details of the story and gameplay than deep diving into the technical aspects that combine together to make a game. Talk about graphics, animation, sound etc, not story details etc. Save those things for the gamer to discover.

  5. So 4 out of 5 stars = 8 out of 10. If that’s correct then this game is easily worth a 9+ EASILY! meaning it should score atleast 4 and a half stars! Games that are no where near as good as gears 5 have scored better!

  6. One of my favorite series of all time; the fact that I could play through the entire series leading up to this release and still not feel burned out speaks droves to the addictive nature of its story, world and gunplay.

  7. I bought a playstation 3 after gears 2 as I went through 3 360s in two years and Microsoft was kind enough to say no we aren't going to repair the ring of death anymore and that it was my fault in some way for buying it.So after two I never had the chance to play one again,I however really really do miss them .

  8. After the horrible games they have come out with this generation, it doesn't take much to improve. They should have been working on another Fable game instead of Gears or Crackdown 3. They could have had another Zelda hit on their hands with that game!

  9. although I appreciate the solid gameplay the story is so incredibly boring that I lost interest in Gears games. Gave Gears 4 a shot last week and it's so goddamn boring

  10. Gears hasn't been innovative since Gears 3. Microsoft and their studios spend so much time playing catch up to be like everyone else, it's a wonder to so many why Microsofts first-party titles struggle to find review success forever keeping Microsoft consoles in dead last, the Switch gaining on Xbox in sales, despite having "the most power gaming console to date" which is easy to claim after the competition have been on the market for several years. That's pretty much it. Microsoft are too busy trying to keep with the trends to be like Naughty Dog instead of going their own way to set trends, including going with the same old same old voice talent, Laura Bailey is used by everyone like a prostitute. Naughty Dog goes after Ashley and Graham uh, see innovative but Microsoft wants to be like everyone else, same is same and isn't as interesting or exciting. Microsoft are even launching on a Friday, like Sony with a first-party game, they just can't think for themselves. Microsoft in EVERY division of the corporation have been like this. It's their business strategy since day one as all their staff were much too busy at frat parties during college rather than studying and learning how to innovate, plain and simple. They're suits, not artists and will remain third best until they learn to sit down and think creatively. Sadly, in the hardware department anyway, Sony have divorced themselves of Kutaragi and his mentality opting to go for off the shelf components that will forever have their hardware on par with others, a sad shame, rather than being industry leaders, that's right, even ahead of the PC whose modern hardware borrows from the PS3 way of doing things.

  11. They could have put any other character as the main and I might be interested in this. Probably just going to get it on game pass for $2, beat it, and never go back.

  12. I get the feeling that this Reviewer has about 50-80 hours on the whole Gears franchise that's over a decade long. But this generic media site gave it 4/5 so im ok with that. Even though its worth 5/5 for a Gears game. But they don't know that.

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