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  1. You and bunch of popular tech YouTubers should talk about GPS problem on 7 plus pro… It's a shame, same like way back with Nexus 6p battery problem.

    I know that's marginal revenue for you guys when hype is low, but it's shitting directly in your viewer's face who see great reviews and get fucked because of your reviews…

  2. For 100$'s more, you can get the One Plus 7 Pro which is a much better device. A QHD Curved Display, less bezels, 128gb more storage, a bigger battery and a notch free display. This phone is overhyped and not worth the hype when the 7 pro is avaible for just a bit more.

  3. I think my oneplus 7 pro is quite a bit slower than android 9 when i upgraded it to android 10 via oxygen os(3rd party app) updater..!! Can anyone tell me plz what should i do and also there is an many bug in this!

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